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                    So adorable!






    Mini and medium Goldendoodle puppies

          raised with utmost loving care.




Georgia's spring 2024 litter.

We are very excited to announce Georgias' litter with

either Leo or Ollie! Both pairings will produce some

gorgeous babies!

Their puppies will range in sizes of 28-38 lbs.

We expect creams, apricots and golds. Solids and

white markings will be possible with wavy-curly, low,

non- shedding coats.

Georgias puppies will be raised in the Comox Valley.

We have 1 spot available!




















Fall 2023

Zoey and Coopers beautiful babies have arrived!

Zoey is mom to our sweet Penny.

We expect  shades of gold and apricot in solids, abstracts

and parti coloring in the 25-38 lb range.

We all have homes waiting!

















Excited for our future!

We currently have 1 reservation spot available in

Gracie and Cooper's spring litter.

Sunny and Duke will have their retirement litter of Petite

Goldendoodles next summer, 2024. Sunnys litter

will be raised by Tamara on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Sunny and Dukes puppies range in size from 18-25 lbs.


Georgia will be having her first litter fall 2024. We currently have

3 spots available!

We have 1 spots available on Sunny's litter at this time!

















*To help us get to know you better please be sure to tell us about yourself and anyone else who your puppy may be living with when you are inquiring. It's important to us that our puppies have families with someone who will be at home to care for them.

Goldendoodles LOVE their families and must live inside as a cherished member of the family.

*Because we cannot always predict heat cycles we can only provide families with a general estimate of when our 2024 litters will arrive.

Please note-as a responsible breeder it is important to us that each and everyone of our puppies have loving homes waiting for them. Our breedings are well thought out and planned well in advance. Please request to apply to get on our wait list early to avoid disappointment. The wait will be worth your while!

We reserve the right to change our pairings based on what is best for our future parents and puppies.

All of our puppies are sold with spay/neuter contracts.


To view our current and past sweet little bundles and watch them grow visit our Facebook page and our Instagram account- deecor_goldendoodles


Thank you to all of our families for trusting in us to provide your family with your newest family member!






DeeCor Goldendoodles mini Goldendoodles. Airdrie, Alberta.
DeeCor Goldendoodles mini Goldendoolde.
DeeCor Goldendoodles Sunny and Dukes litter of Petite Goldendoodles on Vancouver Island.
Mini Goldendoodles by DeeCor Goldendoodles.
DeeCor Goldendoodles Lucy and her medium Goldendoodle puppies.
DeeCor Goldendoodles mini Goldendoodle puppy.
Deecor Goldendoodles puppy.
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