About our upcoming litters

 of mini and medium

 Doodle babies!













Thank you for stopping in! Our next availability is 2023.

When inquiring please be sure to tell us about yourself and anyone else who the puppy may be living with. Priority will be given to families with a stay at home caregiver and your puppy must live inside your home as a cherished family member.

Because we cannot always predict heat cycles we can only provide families with a general estimate of when our 2023 litters will be. We reserve the right to change our pairings based on what is best for our future moms and dads.

We are accepting applications for Guardian homes in or close to Airdrie, Alberta and in the Comox Valley! Please read over our Guardian Program page and if you think that you would be a good fit please email us to inquire.


To view our current and past sweet little bundles and watch them grow visit our Facebook and Instagram page, DeeCor Goldendoodles.


Thank your to all of our families for trusting in us to provide your family with your newest family member!