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Tips to help you find a good, reputable breeder.


-Ask questions!


-A good breeder does not mind sharing their knowledge with you.

 They should be proud of their dogs and want to

 share information about them with you. Whether it"s health questions,

 questions about their temperaments or  sharing  pictures of the prospective

 sire and dam.


-Ask if both parents of the puppies have had health testing done for hereditary diseases such as:

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Patella, Cardiac, and CERF and PRA for eye diseases,skin disorders and correct coat.

-Ask if the tests have been certified by the OFA ( Orthopedic  Foundation for Animals) Pennhip or eVet. -You may ask to see the certificates.  If you ask about health testing and you get a response like this:

"My vet says that both parents are healthy and they go for routine checkups" that is not health testing!

A  veterinarian cannot diagnose hereditary, genetic diseases through routine health check ups. You are paying for a  quality, healthy puppy that you want to remain with your family for years to come and you need to make sure that the breeder you choose has taken responsibility to make sure that they have taken every measure possible to ensure that they are producing healthy pets for families to bring home.


-Choose a breeder who's puppies are raised in a clean, roomy home environment. Puppies should not be raised in a small cage or an outside dog run. Puppies and dogs require proper socialization and the first weeks of their lives are so very important.


-You should feel comfortable asking your breeder for advice on the preparation needed for bringing your new puppy home. You will likely have questions and may need some support after you have brought your puppy home. You will want to choose a breeder that you can have a good communicative relationship with.


-A puppy should never leave to his or her new home before 8 weeks old. Puppies younger than 8 weeks are not emotionally  ready to leave their mom and their siblings. 


 We are dedicated to your family and your soon to be new family member!

DeeCor Goldendoodles, breeder of health tested Goldendoodles in Airdrie Alberta and in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Ilsland.
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