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Goldendoodle breeder, Goldendoodle puppy, DeeCor Goldendoodles
DeeCor Goldendoodles Petite Goldendoodle.
DeeCor Goldendoodles Petite Goldendoodles puppy.
goldendoodle breeder Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
DeeCor Goldendoodles Petite Goldendoodle.
mini goldendoodle puppies by DeeCor Goldendoodles

Adopting a DeeCor puppy


Adopting a mini or medium Goldendoodle puppy from DeeCor Goldendoodles means that you're choosing a puppy from fully health tested parents.

We test all of our parents for hip and elbow dysplasia using either OFA, eVet or Pennhip for evalution. Cardiac, patellas and CAER (eyes) and hereditary Goldendoodle genetic diseases. 

We offer a 2 year health warranty against hereditary disease.

Price- $3,000 3,200 plus applicable taxes.


Each one of our puppies are raised indoors with our family and given the most love and attention imaginable. We also do ENS to give our puppies the best head start.

Whelping and raising puppies truly is a love of ours and we want your new puppy to be everything you dreamed of when you take him or her home with you!


All of our puppies are sold on a strict spay/ neuter contract.

Our puppies are whelped in our nursery which is next to the family room where it's a bit quieter for the first couple of weeks. Our puppies live in our home until they are ready to leave to their new forever homes. We believe in early socialization and stimulation to create a well rounded family pet. Our puppies will have been cuddled and played with with many different adults and children for proper socialization and will have had an introduction to car rides. We will have started potty training outside. We introduce a crate into their sleeping area at about 5 weeks old, letting them come and go as they please. This helps them to be more comfortable with the idea if you choose to crate train your puppy which I highly recommend.

Once our puppies are weaned they are started on high quality puppy food soaked in goats milk. 

As a quality breeder we use and recommend NuVet Plus vitamin supplement and immune booster. We recommend that our puppies stay on the vitamin supplements for at least the first year to ensure they receive the best possible start in life and remain that way for their lifetime. You can learn more about NuVet in our menu bar.

Nuvet is only available through approved breeders. If you wish to order supplements for your puppy you can contact them at- 1-800-474-7044 and use this special order code #72345.

Before our puppies leave to go to their new homes they are seen by our veterinarian and given a good bill of health, they are vaccinated, microchipped,and are dewormed.


Your new puppy will go home with a puppy pack which will include;

-a puppy collar

-a puppy blanket with mothers scent

-a puppy toy

-30 days of free pet insurance from Trupanion

-a bag of a high quality puppy food that our puppies are currently eating

-a starter package of NuVet supplements

-photos of your puppy from birth until 8 weeks or until your puppy goes home with you. The photos are posted on our Facebook page or emailed to you weekly

-and a lifetime of support from DeeCor Goldendoodles!



We welcome visits before the puppies arrive. This gives you a chance to meet with us and to see where your new puppy will be living for the first 8 weeks of his or her life. After the puppies have been born we have a visitation day with all our new puppy families when the puppies are 6 weeks old. We understand the bond that new owners are feeling and how exciting it is to meet your puppy! However we do have some rules before you come to prevent our puppies from communicable diseases.


Should a client for any reason have to rehome their dog from DeeCor Goldendoodles we will gladly take the dog back and or assist with rehoming him or her.


Reserving a puppy from us-

If you would like to apply for one of our puppies please contact us. To help us get to know you better include some information about everyone in your household and your lifestyle. if you have a preference for location please be sure to let us know if you would prefer Airdrie, Alberta, or the Comox Valley.

please include what type of personality you would like in your new puppy, what size you are hoping for and any other information that may be helpful to pair you up with the right litter.

We try our very best to make sure that each and every one of our puppies goes into a loving family home where he/she will remain for a lifetime. *Please note that it is not always possible to take reservations based solely on gender and color alone* It is much more important for us to work with each family and help them choose their puppy based on our puppies needs. We take each puppies temperament,energy level, size and coat type into consideration to make sure that they are a good fit for their new families.

Once your application has been approved a non-refundable deposit of $350 is required to reserve your puppy and is deducted from the purchase price of your puppy. Your deposit is refundable if we are unable to provide you with a suitable puppy in the litter which you've placed a deposit on.

From time to time we may be looking for a guardian home for one of our future breeding puppies. If this interests you, please read our Guardian Program page.


Delivery- We much prefer if you are able to pick up your puppy in person if possible. However may be able to hand  deliver your puppy to the Comox Valley or Airdrie!  Please inquire for pricing.


We reserve the right to refuse a sale.

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