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Becoming part of DeeCor Goldendoodles Guardian Program

medium health tested Goldendoodle puppy by DeeCor Goldendoodles.
Goldendoodle breeder in Alberta and on Vancouver Island. DeeCor Goldendoodles.
DeeCor Goldendoodles. Breeder of mini Goldendoodles on Vancouver, Island.


Occasionally we are looking for families to be part of our guardian program. A guardian home

is not a foster home. It is a forever home for one of our carefully selected puppies.

As a small breeder, it is important to us that each one of our Goldendoodles has a lifetime,

forever home. Having Guardian homes helps us reduce that chances of having to rehome one

of our dogs when they have retired.


The benefits of becoming a guardian home-

*Getting our pick of the litter puppy at no cost, which will be fully health (paid for by us).

*We pay for the spay or neuter once the breeding contract has ended and then

full ownership is transferred over to you.

*Our females contract is usually 3 litters and for males, 6 years.

*Our guardian families get to share in the joy and excitement of helping to socialize

our puppies during their visits for their waiting families!

*We offer boarding for our girls (when we are available) at no charge for up to 3 days. If longer than

3 days there is a minimal charge.

*We offer grooming for our girls at a reduced rate.

*Sorry boys, you just get too excited for extended visits with our girls, and the excitement from your

visit can make you extra wiggly so as much as we'd like to,we unfortunately we can't offer board or

groom for our boys.

Our guardian homes are very carefully chosen.

Requirements needed to become a guardian home for DeeCor Goldendoodles are-

*Must live within a 1 hour drive from Airdrie, Alberta.

*Be able to provide a safe, clean, loving, forever home.

*Guardian families must own their own home and have a fenced yard.

*There must be a caregiver home for at least half of the day, everyday.

*Your schedule must be flexible and allow for transportation to the veterinarian for

health testing and appointments related to breeding and, or to be able to transport to us.

*Must have previous dog experience and be willing to attend and finish at least 1 session

of obedience classes.

*Be willing and able to continually socialize and train your puppy.

*Must not own or allow access to any intact dogs of the opposite sex.

*Must be able to afford high quality dog food that breeder has approved of,regular grooming every

6-8 weeks, fur must be kept free of matts, regular vet checkups and vaccinations.

*Have references from your veterinarian or another professional. 

*In case we (DeeCor Goldendoodles) are unavailable to board your dog when you are going away

and a dog sitter is required, to have a suitable caregiver dog sit while you are away.

Our breeding dogs do not go to kennels.

*Must keep your girl on a leash during heat cycles for(25 days every 6-8 months) until breeding

contract is over.

*Sign a Guardian Contract Agreement.

If you are interested in being a guardian family please fill out an application and be sure to let us

know that you are inquiring about our Guardian program.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and your family.

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