Neeko, F`1b English Goldendoodle

registration number: GANA-008920


Neeko is a very sweet and gentle boy, a bit of an old soul. He is a melt in your lap kind of guy. He has come to us from Indiana and is everything we could ask for in a Goldendoodle!

Neeko is 17" and weighs 33 pounds.

He has a  lovely soft apricot, non shedding fleece coat. 


Neekos health tests;

 hips, OFA prelim good

  elbows,OFA normal

  cardiac, OFA normal

  patella, OFA normal

  CERF-CAER, clear

  IC, clear

  Ichthyosis, clear

  Neonatal encephalopathy with seizures, clear

  PRA SLC4A3, clear

  PRA TTC8, clear

  PRA PRCD, clear

  Von Willebrand disease 1 and 11, clear

Cody, multigerational Goldendoodle

birthdate: October 6, 2017

Cody is our gorgeous black and white parti boy. He loves going for walks on the beach with his guardian family. Cody is a lovely boy who is very friendly and loves to play with other dogs and children. He has a silky wavy easy to care for coat that is non- shedding. Cody weighs 23 lbs and stands 17 1/2" at the shoulder.


Codys Health Tests,

Hips, eVet prelim good

Patella, OFA normal

Cardiac, OFA normal

CERF-CAER, clear

PRA Golden Retriever 1, clear

PRA Golden Retriever 2, clear

PRA, PRCD clear

Degenerative Myeleopathy, not affected

IC, not affected

Ichthyosis, clear

Willow, F1 English Cream Mini Goldendoodle

DOB: Sept.6,2016

Willow lives with our family. She can be a bit of a clown and makes us laugh and she is a pro cuddler! She is a cutie patutie also. A bit of a traffic stopper! We are always having people stop us when we are out for walks to comment on how beautiful she is.

Willow is 17" tall and weighs 33 lbs.

Willows health Tests;

OFA hips preliminary, excellent

OFA elbows preliminary, normal

Patellas, normal

Heart. normal

DM: Clear by parentage


DEB: Clear by parentage


PRA-1: Clear by parentage


PRA-PRCD: Clear by parentage

SAN: Clear by parentage

Ichthyosis: Clear

CERF-CAER, clear

Rosie, F1b mini English Goldendoodle 

Rosie is Willows daughter. She is stunning and has a beautiful personality! She loves being her playful little self but also enjoys cuddling up with her humans. Rosie loves other dogs and children. Rosie weighs 19 lbs.  


Rosies Health Tests


Hips, eVet preliminary good

DM, clear

Icthyosis, clear

Neonatal Encephalopathy with seizures, clear

PRA, Golden Retriever 1, clear

PRA, Golden Retreiver 2, clear

PRA-PRCD, not affected


CERF-CAER, clear

Patellas, normal

Cardiac, normal

Elbows, normal

Bella, multigenerational Goldendoodle. 

Bella is our very sweet daughter out of Lexi and Neeko. She has a beautiful non-shedding wavy coat. She is gentle like her dad and friendly. Bella can be a little reserved at times around strangers but warms up quickly. Bella is 17 1/2" and weighs 30 lbs.


Bellas health tests


Hips, eVet preliminary good

Elbows, eVet preliminary normal

DM, clear

IC, clear

Ichthyosis, clear

Neonatal  Encephalopathy with Seizures, clear

PRA-PRCD. clear

Von Willebrand Disease 1, clear

CERF-CAER,  clear 

Patellas, normal

Cardiac, normal

Scarlett, F2 medium English Goldendoodle.

Beautiful Scarlett is a daughter of Willow and Neekos. She lives just down the street from us with our daughter and her family, their Labrador Retriever and their cat. Scarlett is a smart, active girl who loves to go on hikes have a romp on the beach and chase her ball. She is also gentle and can be walked by the daycare children and loves to cuddle up by your feet. Scarlett gets along well with other dogs.

Scarlett is 37 lbs and 18" tall at the shoulder.

Patellas, Normal

Heart, Normal

DM, Not affected


DEB, Clear by parentage


PRA-1, Clear by parentage


PRA-PRCD, Clear by parentage

SAN, Clear by parentage

Ichthyosis, Clear by parentage


IC, Clear


Hips, waiting for final rating.


Elbows, OFA normal.

CERF-CAER, clear

Winston, multigen mini Doubledoodle

Winston is a wonderful boy with a huge personality! He is very playful and loves all people. Three of his favourite things to do are, going to the beach, playing with his toys and snuggle. 

Winston brings great joy to his guardian family!

Winston weighs 20 lbs.

Hips, eVet excellent

Elbows, normal

patellas, normal

Cardiac, normal

CERF-CAER, clear

IC, clear

DM, clear

PRA-PRCD, clear

PRA Golden Retriever 1, clear

PRA Golden Retreiver 2, clear

Breeze, mulitigen mini Goldendoodle

Breeze is Cody and Lexi's daughter. She is fun and adventurous yet loves to have a good cuddle right on your lap. Breeze loves to play with both children and other dogs.

Breeze is 19.5 lbs.

Hips, eVet good 

Elbows, normal

Cardiac, normal                                                                                           

CERF-CAER, clear

Patellas, normal

DM, clear

Ichthyosis, clear

PRA-PRCD, clear

IC, normal

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